This document applies to Calculator, version 8.1.0.

Copy, paste & clear current calculation

  1. To copy the current expression or result, long click on the one you want > COPY.

  2. To paste, long click on the entry field > PASTE.

  3. To delete part of an entry, tap DEL.

  4. To clear all of an entry, touch and hold DEL.

  5. To clear a final result, tap CLR.

See, delete, recall, copy & share past calculations

  1. To see the list of your past expressions and results, swipe down from the display.

  2. To see the date of a past calculation, long click on the one you want.

  3. To remove a past calculation from the list, swipe it right or left, or long click on it > Remove from history.

  4. To clear your whole history, tap More "⋮" > Clear history > Clear.

  5. To recall a past result, click on the card which contains the result you are looking for.

  6. To copy a past expression or result, long click on the card you want > Copy expression or Copy result.

  7. To share a past equation, long click on the card you want > Share.

    • NOTE: you cannot share a graph.

Store, change & recall numbers

  1. Add to or subtract from memory:

    • NOTE: The stored number is zero by default.

    • To add the new number to the stored number, tap M+.

    • To subtract the new number from the stored number, tap M-.

  2. Show the stored number with any changes:

    • Tap MR.

  3. To clear the memory (set the stored number to zero):

    • Tap MC.

Do advanced math

  1. To use advanced operators and functions, swipe to the left the colored bar on the right side or hold your device sideways.

    • To see more function buttons, tap INV.

  2. To switch between degree and radian units, tap Degrees or Radians on the top left corner.

    • The current mode shows.

  3. To define your own function, swipe to the advanced functions, tap the plus button on the bottom right corner then tap "" . Click on "+" in the top left corner, go back to the main panel (where the numbers are), enter your equation or your constant to the calculator (eg. "cos(2×X)" or "35") then press "=". Your saved equation/constant will be on the function panel.

    • To check out an existing function, just long click on it and you will see what is behind it.

    • To rename an existing function, long click on it, enter the new name and tap OK.

    • To delete an existing function, long click on it > CLEAR.

  4. To switch between numeral systems, swipe to the advanced functions, tap the plus button on the bottom right corner then tap "⬡". To switch numeral system, click on the one you want (Dec/Hex/Oct/Bin).

    • If you are using the hexadecimal numeral system the additional digits (A, B, C, D, E, F) will be active under this menu.

    • If you are using the octal numeral system the digits from 8~9 will be inactive.

    • If you are using the binary numeral system the digits from 2~9 will be inactive.

    • After you have changed the numeral system, a sign will appear on the top left corner to inform you about the current numeral system. You will be able to change the numeral system from there too by clicking on it.

  5. To switch back to the advanced operators and functions panel, tap the plus button on the bottom right corner then tap "2nd".


  1. To call the graph panel, enter your expression with X

    • The "X" button is included in the main panel.

  2. To extend the view, click on the graph view. Click on the "x" in the bottom right corner to close the extended view.

  3. To zoom in, tap "⊕". To zoom out, tap "⊖". To reset the zoom, tap the circle with a "□" symbol inside of it.

    • NOTE: You can use your finger to zoom too.

  4. To add a new graph to the existing, extend the graph view then click on "+" in the top left corner.